• Currently

    Trying to figure out what to do for my 21st birthday. 

    I have exactly 1 month and 19 days until I turn the legal age.  

    The only thing I have planned is my brothers return from Afghanistan since I haven’t seen him since last August. 

    April 28th, if it’s not a rumor, hopefully I’ll get to watch The Cab & Cassadee Pope at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (which me & Ally got too excited yelling online at 1:00am in the morning *yeah I know were crazy)

    There is Vegas but I haven’t even saved enough funs for that -_-

    As for my actual birthday, it lands in a Monday which I don’t know what to even do :(

    How am I gonna party like a rockstar on a school day?

  1. chainedsunshine answered: you should just let me take you out….i’m always a good time! or we could get drunk at disney!
  2. fuckyeahleen posted this

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