• Late Night Thoughts

    Because I thought of these things after I did a 25 things list on my Facebook on Tuesday -_-

    • If N’Sync were to ever have a reunion concert, tour or whatever, I would soooo go. And no I’m not embarrassed to say that I love N’sync and I know they’re dance moves. Shoot you know you would go too!
    • I want a Joelatti!
    • I need to try some legit Japanese food in my life. The closest thing I’ve tried is a few different sushi’s and Kobe beef!
    • I’ve never been to Benihana’s :(
    • I want some Japanese donuts!
    • Apples to Apples is an interesting board game. 
    • Hurley U.S. Open this weekend(=
    • I’m considering returning my Doc Martens even though I like them and I know I probably will never find them for $20 bucks again :(
    • I really want some funnel cake with powdered sugar or some beignets right about now
    • Hopefully I will be able to buy some Instax film for my camera. I’m running out! -_-
    • I need to stop being so chicken and learn how to drive a stick! :(*
    • Chocolate covered gummi bears.. I need to buy some soon!
    • Only 12 more days until summer ends and school starts, noooooo
    • I just realized most of my list consists of food -____-

    That is all.


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