• Where The Party At - Jagged Edge Ft. Nelly

    This will forever be one of my jams. Don’t lie, you know you listened to this too. 

  • Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

    Thanks to Porcelain for introducing me to this song last Saturday. 


  • Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

    I thought this challenge was very tricky since I do like a lot of different photos. Everyones probably seen these before but these two photos will always make me happy.

    The one of the left is a photo of me and all my former tennis mates back in high school. I just came back from the Philippines and all the girls decided to make a “Tennis Beach Day.” Usually there’s always someone out of the loop but everyone of the tennis girls actually went that day. We were there all day and all night. I guess the best part was that all the girls actually talked to each other for once instead of staying within their own click. Even after that day, we always try to plan one of these days but it never works out. From this day, I always treasure it since it got my close to some of the members I that I wouldn’t imaging myself talking to today.

    The photo in the right? Well.. You’ve probably seen my Tumblr & Twitter posts so I don’t need to say much. I have many photos of him but this photo in particular always makes me happy. Not only did I have a good time, besides crossing of a duty off my Bucket List, I also met some really great people which include Gissane & Monique.  I really look up to him especially since his music helped me get over a lot of things that I dwelled on for a while. Plus, it was nice to get the “perfect” picture. Yeah, the photo in the right is pretty explainable.

  • Confession

    I love sunblock. Yes, sunblock lotion.

    It’s a weird thing to like but anyone who actually knows me, knows what’s up. 

  • Late Night Thoughts

    Because I thought of these things after I did a 25 things list on my Facebook on Tuesday -_-

    • If N’Sync were to ever have a reunion concert, tour or whatever, I would soooo go. And no I’m not embarrassed to say that I love N’sync and I know they’re dance moves. Shoot you know you would go too!
    • I want a Joelatti!
    • I need to try some legit Japanese food in my life. The closest thing I’ve tried is a few different sushi’s and Kobe beef!
    • I’ve never been to Benihana’s :(
    • I want some Japanese donuts!
    • Apples to Apples is an interesting board game. 
    • Hurley U.S. Open this weekend(=
    • I’m considering returning my Doc Martens even though I like them and I know I probably will never find them for $20 bucks again :(
    • I really want some funnel cake with powdered sugar or some beignets right about now
    • Hopefully I will be able to buy some Instax film for my camera. I’m running out! -_-
    • I need to stop being so chicken and learn how to drive a stick! :(*
    • Chocolate covered gummi bears.. I need to buy some soon!
    • Only 12 more days until summer ends and school starts, noooooo
    • I just realized most of my list consists of food -____-

    That is all.


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