• The One That Got Away - Katy Perry 

  • Today,

    was an interesting day.

    I finally got to hang out with my friend Melissa since she’s been in Arizona for school all year. We broke our tradition so it was nice to just catch up.

    We went to the US Open all excited until we actually came. We took about almost 2 hours just to park. We walked about how many blocks with swarms of people just trying to go to the beach. 

    Walked around with no signal on our phones and getting so irritated because of the long lines and just the amount of people all in the way.

    We tried to watch MGMT but we were so far to where we were almost by the water. Plus, all these people tried to get in our way so they could go closer to the stage but it was impossible. 

    Left and headed to Main Street where there was a whole circle full of people trying to dougie and do the Cat Daddy. The funny part about the Cat Daddy was all these guys tried to sing the song and then when they didn’t know the words they just said “Ohhhh, ohhh!” I just yelled out “Oh, you do not know the words!” Then some girl just started laughing since she knew it was true. 

    After the US Open we headed back and when I tried to leave home so I could get ready for the night, my car wouldn’t start.

    For the first time my car didn’t start because of my battery. Of course, I panicked and just called Brenda automatically and then ended calling my dad after they came. I trie to ask my dad for “spark plugs” and then he made fun of me and said “Don’t you mean jumper cables” -__- Yay for me.

    I think the best thing about my dad coming was that my friends actually got to see my dad’s bus running for the first time.

    Anyone that has seen my dad knows that he drives a 1964 Volkswagen bus. I guess it’s probably why I have more of a thing for European and American cars than Asian cars.  

    Anyways to make it short, my dad saved the day and yelled to say “This is why you should learn how to drive a stick, headache.”

    That is all.

  • Today,

    I finally tried a Joelatti from Joe’s Italian Ice which is on Harbor Blvd. 

    I wanted to try it weeks back when I reposted a post from Jessica and I finally did. Kinda far but I wouldn’t mind going once a week I guess.

    My dad also talked to me about how he’s exchanging the Nissan for a Subaru. He kinda decided to maybe get me a used car now since I’m guessing he doesn’t want me to drive a new car :( lol.

    Oh well, cross fingers that I do I guess. I just need a car -_- 

    Now I must struggle with finding a car and hoping and still praying that I get to go to Vans Warped Tour n Aug 11! :(((((

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