• Today,

    Was the first time I’ve been to a club in two years. It was a event hosted from a couple of my friends from @therainset so I decided to go through. It was really random but it wasn’t bad at all. However..

    I ended up pretending to go “the other side” since some creep kept on following me and my friend to dance.

    Almost threw up from the bad barf smell in the restroom.

    Ignored more creeps that tried to dance. Felt pretty awkward.. 

    I also came across one of my former high school teachers cycling club students. I didn’t know him but I only knew of him because I used to grade his school work. He tried to dance on me. Of course, had to force a shield since that was definitely weird O.O 

    Oh, and my friend got hit in the back of the head from some girl who just didn’t know her manners. Rude.

    But at least I got to bump into some friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

    Yeah, tonight was a very interesting night.

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