• Yesterday,

    I got to attend the first day of the “Get Your Heart On Tour,” which featured Marianas Trench, The Cab, Forever The Sickest Kids, and Simple Plan. It was pretty much a day to mark on the books.

    The ride there was already a hyping me and my two friends, Ally & Gladys up. Singing, dancing, and probably getting a couple of odd stares because of our activity in the car.

    Arriving to the venue was pretty smooth, except when we were confused to where we could park at. We ended up spending 20 on parking but luckily it was right next to the venue. 

    Met up with a few others and decided to take turns to grab something to eat. Ended up eating at some random place a few blocks away. The place was pretty decent especially with the amount of food for the price but still had crappy service.

    After we walked down the street and actually bumped into one of my favorite bands, The Cab waiting for the stop light. In a blur, me and my friends said hi. Even though I wouldn’t do this, I actually gave a little Disney bag with a gift to Alex DeLeon, snapped a quick picture and headed back to the venue. 

    Went to the venue and pretty much waited for a while. A lot of things went on but everything was just getting me all pumped for the show. As a joke, I even yelled out a guy in a white van saying he was cute giving him a big happy shocked face. However, I found out he was one of the merch guys so I kinda felt -_-

    There was a good amount of free time before show time so me and my friend who got will call tickets actually got moved to another line. I met two girls in front of me who took the bus from Arizona all the way to California. That is dedication. I also mentioned to some guy that he had a nice outfit only to find out he played guitar for Forever The Sickest Kids.. tsk tsk.

    Came in the venue and pretty much was up in the front along with my other friends that I met, making a line for ourselves. Probably stayed up there for three sets for the first band, Marianas Trench, The Cab, and Forever The Sickest Kids. In between the sets, I had little conversations with the people around me and even met a girl who travels all the time and watched Simple Plan about 20 times. Die hard fan. I even got to pick up a guitar pick from Forever The Sickest Kids which hopefully I don’t lose!

    I left along with my friend before the Simple Plan set just to cool off and get air. I ended up buying some merch from The Cab and confronted the “cute guy” who helped me out and gave me a poster as well. We came across other bands members just talking and photos in the hall. 

    I ended up taking pictures with Alex Marshall first since he was right in front of me. I took it from my polaroid, had him sign it and ended up being a fail since he signed on his own face. Luckily I got to take one again and he re did it for me. I also came across Joey Thunder who was also amazed from my little camera, making sure I liked it and everything. 

    While I was just standing and talking to one of my friends, I also got confronted by a couple random people asking us on what I purchased. Then they asked us on what stuff we would buy. I really just thought it was just some random guy only to find out he was actually the manager of The Cab. It was pretty cool talking to him though, just to put input on what people would and wouldn’t buy. The conversation went on for a good minute just to help them out for future merch ideas.

    After the show though was pretty cool. I got to meet other bands, take photos, and just have a small chat here and there. I even came across Singer, asking him if he new Nutella-To-Go, since I realized he probably didn’t know what the heck it was. Hopefully he’ll like it because I basically gave it to him by accident -_- At least I’m glad he received it and got the little Tigger pin. Came across a few people outside and basically left until it died down.

    Overall my day/night in Hollywood was pretty good. Even though at one point someone mentioned that I was “beautiful,” I wasn’t sure how to respond. 

    Now I have a concert hangover, a long work shift ahead of me, and possibly might go to a Halloween party later. I should be doing homework though..

    Excuse me for a long post. I didn’t know I could write an essay in such a short time.


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