• Late Night Thoughts

    - I just wanna go to the East Coast and see my brother.
    - Hope I can find ends to afford transferring and attending Cal State.
    - “Sometimes, even the happiest get lonely”
    - I wish I was able to afford and help support my parents.
    - “Looks will always be deceiving.”
    - I miss going to shows/concerts all the time.
    - I hope I become successful soon enough.
    - “Deep inside, I wish you weren’t such a jerk.”
    - I wish I had the funds to update my software for my MacBook. Hopefully I can get it soon enough.
    - I haven’t even gotten to my career and I already feel like I am losing friends and losing my chances with people since I am too busy trying to network.
    - “Dear Uncle Robert, it’s been three months since you passed away. I really missed you today when I drove down by your old house when you used to babysit Mark and I. I hope your doing well.”

    - Almost a month until I turn 23. No one likes you when your 23 😔

  • Today,

    I had a looong day.

    Started around noon and ran errands with my mom which I usually do.

    Went back home waiting for Delque since we were planning to go to CUE before he left for West Virginia this Monday. We planned 12 o clock but since he is little Miss Princess, we ended up meeting at 1:30 -_- And I thought I was the filipino one. We CUE’d then had a little chat about the old whores at Gahr and what he said about on my status putting me on blast. I hate him for it but I still was pretty sad seeing his Jerkface go even if he does insult me all the time!

    After, I kicked it with Jeanora for a bit and saw my cuhsin Jacob then met with Zakiya so we could go to Corey’s house since he wanted to get his hair braided. Funny how we met at Claudia’s and looked at each others cars laughed since we both had big ass SUV’s then followed her to Corey’s. When we arrived, took me a while but I for some reason I had to give both of them a big hug since I missed them LOL so weird. We were basically posted then Jeanora came by and then my best buddy Chris hit me up since we were supposed to go get Joelatti’s.

    We left Corey’s for a bit, scooped up Chris and while in the car ride we were talking about little things and texts and what not then when I tried to ask Chris a question, I accidently called him my crushes old name.. It took a us a good sec but they were both like “OMG did you just call Chris…” -___- I would mention the name but since I wanna save my life, I won’t. Really embarrassing and now they wont get over it since it is… =_-

    Went back to Corey’s and just chilled watching little clips of “I Love Beth Cooper” and “Zombieland”. During the movies, we had little random questions here and there and me, Jeanora, and Chris also had a craving for Kogi so we decided to go a little later. When Zakiya was finally done, we then took little Instax pictures adding to my collection!

    After Corey’s, we headed to Chris’s so he could change outta his chef uniform then picked up my neighbor Eric to get Joelatti’s! I was pretty excited since we were taking Eric for his first time. Plus, we were trying to find out where Kogi was and for some reason hit up Jenny to go as well. When we got there it was super super coooold. Took us a while to order we we all got what we wanted. I ended up getting the Bada Bing Cherry which is probably one of my favorites. We were fine eating it outside but since it was sooo cold, we ended up eating in my car since it was freezing ass fcuk! 

    When I finally finished my Joelatti, I drove and then I got a random call from Maxwell to scoop him and Kahreece ( I hope I spelled it right) since they both needed a ride home from the mall. So we went back, grabbed jackets from Chris’s, scooped the boys from the mall, dropped them home then went to Jenny’s to meet up with Jeanora so we could all go to Kogi.

    Super random but since it ended up being me, Chris, Jeanora, Jenny, Kat and Eric. Even though it was a weird bunch, it was a fun ride. From Jenny pretended her seat was a roller coaster, talking about my former high school crush.. HA, and finally finding the Kogi truck which was on Meats street, LOL it was a good ride. It was cool since the line wasn’t long, we all wanted Kogi, and Jeanora got to get free dessert so it was all good. We were posted for a while literally melting with our food since it was so good. The ride back was hilarious though since I probably lost so many calories laughing my ass off to Jenny’s dancing and all the other little jokes that came along.

    It was a long day but it was good. I had 30 bucks and now I only have 4 -_- God damn food! It was worth it though. I mean I got to see my old favorites, reunite, go to CUE, Kogi, and Joe’s Italian Ice!(: Missing on my other best friends though :( 

    But I must say it was a good day well spent.


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