• Miracle Mile

    Artist: Cold War Kids
    Album: Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
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    Miracle Mile - Cold War Kids

  • Majors & Careers

    Once, I had a conversation with Josh Montgomery from The Summer Set about how he rather be doing something he loved than doing something he couldn’t enjoy doing for the rest of his life. If he was, he would be stuck in school right now trying to be a doctor. 

    Ever since then, I never realized why people do or follow what they want/love to do in life until now. 

    Coming home from my night class, my dad and I had a random conversation when he brought up the subject on what I should pursue in a career. It’s been a while since the subject came about, but tonight I never been so discouraged. 

    If you don’t know already, I am a Filipino-American and usually they expect majority of their kids to pursue a career in the medical field. Most of my family who have attended school, have or are still leading toward that career goal unlike me.

    Even though I know having a career in the medical field is a great, but I always wanted to do something of my personal interest and decided to major in a career towards Communications. I do admit, I am not set in stone on what specific field but I do know that I either want to become a PR, Counselor, or even work in Social Services. Why? Because I want to help others and also make a difference. It may not be a full on reason why I really am pursing this career but it’s enough for me to still follow what I really want to do in the future. 

    Cutting to the chase, sometimes I wonder why people ask what you plan or are currently majoring in college only to discourage you on what you want for your future career. I’m not saying majoring in the medical, business, or any other major is bad but shouldn’t it be based on something you really love? People have to remember that people choose these majors or career paths because they want to go into these fields. They want to do this because they love what this job is going to lead them to. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I know being a nurse, doctor, business man or woman are great career paths but do people forget that we need teachers, musicians, artists, construction workers etc.? Without these other careers, no one would learn, things wouldn’t be built and everything else wouldn’t be decorated and plain. 

    At times, I really do dislike it when people do as the “major and career” question because sometimes, their feedback or response isn’t as exciting or welcoming as you hoped. I know people have also been in my shoes so they must know the feeling. 

    This may be one of the most pointless posts but just getting to the point, honestly “do what you love and love what you want do to.” Regardless of what anyone says, you should say “f” them and go for what you really want to do for your future/life. It may be a rocky journey but if what you want to do in life doesn’t scare you, they are not big in life. Whether you want to purse a career a doctor, engineer, fireman, artist, psychologist, or whatever do what you want. No matter how easy or long it takes, just go for your dreams and what your heart desires. 

  • Without You

    Artist: Action Item
    Album: The Stronger The Love
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    Without You - Action Item 

  • This.


  • Just in time for fall. So excited t finally hear The Xx’s new album. (Taken with Instagram)

    Just in time for fall. So excited t finally hear The Xx’s new album. (Taken with Instagram)

  • Yesterday,

    Was definitely a good day.

    • Started my day with a run, a much needed nap, and getting paid for my last day working Prom season.
    • Drove all the way to LA to House Of Blues on Sunset. 
    • Got lost on the way there and almost pulled a “Princess Diaries” scene trying to drive uphill since I got lost.
    • Stood in line for a while and got picked to do a little interview, talking about how much I love FUN.
    • Even though it was a free show already, Mary & I got upgraded to VIP since we were both T-Mobile users, getting a special wristband to meet the band.
    • Free food, open bar, and free shirts. You already know. 
    • Bumped into Rian from All Time Low while waiting for Fun to perform. 
    • After Fun’s set, Mary and I got to go into the third floor of HOB Sunset and got to see the beautiful view of LA. 
    • Got to meet the pianist and rode in the elevator with the lead singer of Fun while leaving the venue.
    • Plus, I got to run into Sara Bareilles while picking up my car in Valet. Told her about how much “King Of Anything” always makes me feel better when I’m sad and asked if I was a musician.
    • Last but not least, watching Fun for the first time was definitely something in the books. I must say, they are for sure in my list of one of the best performers I’ve ever watched live. If you like Fun, they are worth the price. 
    Overall, even though I didn’t expect much since I came across the Fun. show through twitter, yesterday was a real good day.
    * Except the part when someone accidently spilled beer on me :’( 
  • Couldn’t help but pick up @thewantedmusic’s ep before class. Finally!! #thewantedmusic #thewanted #music #cd #battleground #gladyoucame #target #new #random #today #personal #excited (Taken with instagram)

    Couldn’t help but pick up @thewantedmusic’s ep before class. Finally!! #thewantedmusic #thewanted #music #cd #battleground #gladyoucame #target #new #random #today #personal #excited (Taken with instagram)

  • Just when I thought I got rid of all my dollar bills.. #onedollar #money #cash #boner #dollar #green #wth #random #today #whatsinyourwallet #wallet (Taken with instagram)

    Just when I thought I got rid of all my dollar bills.. #onedollar #money #cash #boner #dollar #green #wth #random #today #whatsinyourwallet #wallet (Taken with instagram)

  • Visited my aunt & ended up bringing this home. Now how am I supposed to drink this? O.o #coconut #food #drinks #tropical #juice #random #Asian #fruit  (Taken with instagram)

    Visited my aunt & ended up bringing this home. Now how am I supposed to drink this? O.o #coconut #food #drinks #tropical #juice #random #Asian #fruit (Taken with instagram)

  • September 11

    I remember 10 years ago I was getting ready for school. I was 10 years old, in the 4th grade, and I had the biggest scar on my left knee. I remember waking up around 6:45am because to this day I still wake up around the same time. For breakfast I had my usual, Cup Of Noodles. It was a weird choice of breakfast but I used to love eating noodles any time, any day. I also used to watch tv since I had so much time to waste. I was watching my usual dose of Pokemon since back then, having those trading cards trying to find a “halographic” or a “rare” was my “shit.” All of a sudden, I see breaking news. You see planes crashing at Washington D.C.’s pentagon and of course, the World Trade Center in New York. I’ll never forget since my mum was trying to rush me to get to the bus stop even though my face was just in blank stare on the TV because of it.

    At school, I remember all these kids just talking about how all they saw were these plane crashes and how all these people tried to run all over the city. 

    I post this because I remember during that time, I remember my older brother in the Military coming back from Japan after about 4 to 5 years of being stationed there. Of course, being dedicated for his country, it wouldn’t be long before he would be sent to fight for his country. Ever since, he’s probably been back and fourth there 2-3 times to help serve for the country. Now I found out today he’s going to training to prepare for his later trip Afghanistan, which will probably last until April.

    This is a random thought but when I see these posts and watch these old clips on the news, I always think about my older brother and how I’m glad that he’s still here, to be dedicated to fight for his country. He may be my half brother and I don’t show it much, but  deep inside I know I get scared because I’m afraid of what will happen. I’ve read so many stories and watched so many documentaries on how it is out there. I know I’ve said that I’ll be prepared for the worst but honestly after this week of talking it out, I know I’m not. Not to sound cheesy but I know in my heart that whatever happens though, he will always be one of the most strongest and bravest people I know. Even my friends that currently are in the service got guts to join something that’s really a whole new world.

    Anyways to shorten this up, even though I wasn’t there when all these event’s occur, I know I will never forget September 11, 2001. All those innocent people that have tried, fought, and lost. Rest In Peace.

  • dear anonymous,

    A lot of things have been going through my mind lately. It usually would be easier to talk to someone about this but right now, I guess all I have is me, myself, and I.

    Through these past months, even though it may seem like I’ve been having a good summer but honestly.. I cant wait until school starts.

    Sure, I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied, trying to enjoy my summer but even that isn’t as satisfying. 

    I guess ever since what happened to me two months ago really effected me. I wish it was easy to say but in reality, just thinking about it makes me cry.. Out of everyone I could ever mention it to, I only really told two people outside my family about the situation.

    It hurts so bad to where honestly, I really don’t have that trust in anyone like I used to. For some reason, I’ve become so serious to where even the littlest, simple jokes aren’t even funny anymore. In fact.. I hate when people make those short little jokes. 

    If anyone really knew my real story, it would be a total ball game. I guess its probably why I try to be so independent now. I’ll even admit now that I’m afraid to get into a relationship. I may seem like I’m happy but I’m not. 

    I know I usually wouldn’t vent out on tumblr like this but I guess since I really have no one to talk to at this moment, it really hurts just keeping it in. Sure there are those people that say “I’ll always be here when you need someone” but really, it isn’t that easy. It’s so hard for me to talk about this to anyone. Even my best friends really don’t know what’s going on with me. 

    I wish I could just take a break, try to fix everything but of course that won’t happen. If it really were that easy.

    I just need a hug. 

  • Dear Ezcema,

    Please go away. I’m trying to sleep here -_-

  • The Dynamo Of Volition

    Artist: Jason Mraz
    Album: We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
    Plays: 10

    The Dynamo of Volition - Jason Mraz

    _ Song Of The Day

  • Just because it’s Tuesday (:
*doing my little excited dance*

    Just because it’s Tuesday (:

    *doing my little excited dance*

  • Late Night Thoughts

    • I want a crepe. Then again, when do I not want one.
    • Still debating whether or not to get a Disney pass. I’m also still debating whether or not to get Deluxe or Premium. I just really just don’t want to pay for parking -_-
    • I might seem crazy but I’m actually kinda excited to go Vegan again. However, I do want some Roscoes..
    • Finally got myself a flash for my Rebel. Thanks Princess!
    • "Honestly, I think I would be a bad girlfriend."
    • I want to watch Beastly the movie already
    • Thinking of dying my hair. I wonder what color to get?
    • I wish my left ear could heal so I could get 2-3 more piercings already!
    • What to do for my birthday this year.. I know I’ll have to end up working anyways -_-
    • MIA for a while. 
    • I’m feeling so broke :(
    • For some reason, I wanna either watch Katy Perry or a Glee concert.
    • Note to self : Fix my Fujifilm Instax!
    • "One of the best moments of my life" (=
    • I still think I should get hired as a professional “woo-her” for commericals lol.
    • I’m in need of an adventure.

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